Some FlukeLoops

Pads 2


Anna Brigham 2




Benjamin Meddle 3


Noise 1



- FlukeLoops are a product and platform designed to deliver meaningful collectability and tangible value to the digital music industry, providing huge benefits for both artists and audiences. Digital audio collectables, delivered in a simple, standardised format – collectable, musical, useable. We enable artists to market valuable collectables directly to their audiences, with control over their content and pricing, and real access to profits.
Yes! All FlukeLoops are created using a special sauce that makes them work beautifully together, no matter how they're combined. This means that a growing collection of flukeloops isn't just a mess of images and sounds, but rather a one of a kind musical masterpiece, infinitely remixable.
We are developing an app that does what the player above does - enabling you to play multiple FlukeLoops at once. In addition, it will enable you to create and save playlists, buy and sell, and redeem additional features
Sales are currently paused while we're building our new platform.
Yes! We want to work with as many artists as possible, and would love to help you bring valuable collectables to your audience. Get in touch with us at