How GLE TREES work:

GLE TREES are NFTs with astounding long-term utility, offering benefits for the environment as well as for collectors.

GLE TREES will be blind-minted on the 5th of August, costing $50 worth of MATIC on the Polygon chain. Using Matic ensures minimal environmental impact and negligible gas fees.

Each GLE TREE is a 1/1 combination of visual and sonic artwork, creating stunning viewing and listening experiences. For each TREE minted, a GLE will plant physical trees. The number of trees planted in your name depends on the rarity of your TREE token.

  • Trees planted per CORE token: 1
  • Trees planted per RARE token: 2
  • Trees planted per EPIC token: 4
  • Trees planted per LEGENDARY token: 32

In addition to benefitting the natural environment, GLE TREES enable collectors to play TREEGAMES - an ongoing competition hosted by the GLE community in which collectors can win great prizes year after year.

How TREEGAMES are played:

In August, GLE will release a list of specific TREE collections that make a collector eligible for certain prizes. In order to win a given prize, simply collect the specified tokens (through primary minting or on secondary markets such as OpenSea) and hold them until the snapshot date.

In early September (date TBA) a snapshot will be taken of all wallets holding GLE TREES, and anyone holding an eligible collection on that day will be contacted to arrange delivery of their prize.

Once the snapshot is complete, holders are free to keep their tokens for future prize draws, or resell them to other players and collectors! New TREEGAMES rounds, with their corresponding collection lists and snapshots, will be played at least annually. However, mini rounds might be announced at any time!

Ledgendary 005:025

Epic 024:001

Epic 017:012

Rare 011:015

Rare 015:013

Rare 015:014

Rare 020:003

Rare 027:011

Rare 007:003

Rare 011:005

Rare 021:010

Rare 001:009

Rare 026:003

Rare 001:005

Rare 027:009

Core 025:007

Core 022:016

Core 045:005

Core 035:004

Core 017:003

Core 007:004

Core 004:015

Core 012:014

Core 018:011

Core 028:018

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